A Hat in Time Does Wind Waker in HD Better than Wind...

A Hat in Time Does Wind Waker in HD Better than Wind Waker HD

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I’m not quite sure if anybody truly longs for the days of collect-a-thon games circa Nintendo 64-era Rare (Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie); however if you’re one in this rare breed of nostalgia, then count your lucky stars and get your butt to Kickstarter. A Hat in Time debuted today on the wildly-polarizing crowdfunding service and—from what we’ve seen in the early trailers Danish developers Gears for Breakfast are showing off—this 3D platformer looks mighty impressive.

I’ve always been bothered at Nintendo’s decision of shying away from the flat cel-shading technology they used in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (even opting for a far less impressive look in the upcoming Wind Waker HD), but A Hat in Time proves that a timeless art style will always trump strange corporate hubris/fan bickering. Yes, one can argue that this is straight up cribbing WW’s art direction and character design, but y’know what? I’m okay with this.

A Hat in Time will see a projected release in 2014. PC/Mac only for now, with a possible Wii U release. Back this project at http://hatintime.com/Kickstarter