30lives.net is One Year Old

30lives.net is One Year Old

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Around this time last year, five surly kids were busy laughing at how terrible games coverage was being handled in this country. Shaking our heads at how the majority of sites and publications out there were essentially fronts for large companies to hawk their wares or people with “in-debt knowledge” (actual line from an actual site) begging said companies for free shit; we figured that it was about time to give people out there a serious alternative from what was out there. We didn’t really have any grand ambitions in mind, just something that would, at the very least, keep us and perhaps a small contingent of our mutual friends entertained until we got bored and moved on. After some thought, we decided that we’d call ourselves “30lives” for no other discernible reason other than it gave us the very cool domain-hack, http://30liv.es/

Around two hours later, I slapped together a boxed CMS theme, popped it in one of my spare server boxes sitting in a co-location, and 30liv.es was born. Two weeks later, we decided that we all made a huge mistake and Google thought we were a Spanish-based site as we were using the .es top-level domain. We rechristened ourselves at 30lives.net and started writing about… things. Mostly things that made us angry. Even though we weren’t really angry. For a while, our editorial style was based on faux vitriol, and we’d write about things about the local and worldwide gaming scene that we thought didn’t make sense. This didn’t win us any favors or friends, and we didn’t really care. Someone had to dish out some real talk, and being sycophantic parrots that copy and paste press releases wasn’t really our style. Looking back, the way we’d rapid-fire posts every single day was actually fairly insane (not to mention unsustainable).

We’ve significantly toned ourselves down since then, and just write about cool games or events around the country whenever we can (or share a funny picture here and there on Facebook). It’s not that we’ve become lazy, or complacent, or anything, but because we’ve exhausted everything we’ve wanted to put out there. Which is why we’re using this message as an open invitation to our community: if anyone out there reading this wants to say something, perhaps use our reader base as a platform to get a message out there, or even contribute a piece of news that hasn’t flown by our radars, get in touch with us!

Of course, we’d have pulled the plug on this thing months ago if it wasn’t for our awesome readers. We’ve had some asshats pop in and out every so often to deride us, but for the most part we’ve been having fun interacting with the little community of readers we’ve started to build. If we haven’t made it abundantly clear before—thank you. We started this project as simply a way to keep ourselves entertained, but we are thankful and humbled that there are actually people out there who enjoy reading what we’ve been putting out.

Here’s to at least another year of doing whatever we’ve been doing.

– The team at 30lives (Ryan, Cheena, Alex, Shin and… Borge I guess)